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Centro Médico Alfaz

Private center for medical consultations, general medicine and specialties such as aesthetic medicine, cardiology, gynecology, rheumatology, …


Monday                 08:30 –
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Centro Médico Alfaz

The last thing you want to do is go to the doctor, but unfortunately you can’t always avoid it. Sickness and accidents are always near. The Policlinic “Centro Médico Alfaz” is a center where several general practitioners and medical specialists on the Costa Blanca can help you in your own language. So even if you live in Spain and don’t speak the language fluently, you don’t have to use your hands and feet to explain your illness to a doctor who doesn’t understand you.

The polyclinic “Centro Médico Alfaz” is located between Alfàs del Pi and Albir in the shopping center “Arabi Plaza” and offers you the complete care in your own language.

The medical staff consists of doctors of different specialties.

For example, you can contact your general practitioner, a cardiologist, a plastic surgeon or a psychotherapist. But alsoMedisch Centrum Alfaz is your center for conducting diagnostic tests, such as a blood test, making an ultrasound or EKG, but also for 24-hour measurement of blood pressure or heart and lung function tests. In the tab ‘OUR TEAM‘ you will find an overview of all disciplines we offer and the doctors who work here.

In addition, we work closely with leading hospitals in the region for acute medicine and further research.

We can declare many of our treatments directly to your insurance, if the name of your insurance is not listed here, that is no problem. You can simply come to the office hours and afterwards we will give you the proof of payment and the invoice that you can then submit to your insurance company.

Below you can see the insurance companies with whom we work. Because some of our patients come from Spain, we also work with Spanish insurers such as Cogesa, CASER , ASSSA en SANITAS.

Foreign patients can submit the amount of their paid invoice directly to their insurance company.


General Practice

Our general practitioners provide comprehensive care to the patient in his own language and his personal environment.

In collaboration with home care, we always look for the best solution for you.

Medicine and aesthetic surgery

We have the help of a specialized plastic surgeon who guides and treats the patient in an exceptional way.

We have the help of a specialized plastic surgeon who guides and treats the patient in an exceptional way.

Internal Medicine and Pharmacology

We have first-class advice in these disciplines.


An expert cardiologist can perform all kinds of diagnostic tests.


We have the necessary technical equipment and a specialist to examine and diagnose you in our center.

Analysis and laboratory

Blood is taken daily and therefore we have the results quickly.

We also work together with a specialized laboratory for Pathological Anatomy (abnormalities in cell material and tissue).

Psychology and Psychiatry

Our psychologist has consultation hours every week.


Taking care of the skin is important. Examinations and minor surgical procedures are performed by a specialized dermatologist.