Cardiology – Lifesaving

If you do a lot of exercise, sports, such as running or cycling, it is advisable to have your heart checked regularly. It is also advisable to see a cardiologist if you are experiencing strenuous physical activity.

If you are over 65, a mini-check is recommended anyway. This includes: blood analysis, heart monitor, an ultrasound of the heart and physical examination. Small checkups help understand your overall health and can prevent problems. For all of these checkups, you can visit Centro Medico Alfaz, even if you are staying in Albir or Benidorm.


Cardiovascular diseases

If many people in your family have heart disease or have died suddenly at a relatively young age, it is wise to see a cardiologist as well.

It is important to listen carefully to your body. If you have palpitations, chest pain or shortness of breath, don’t keep running with it, get it checked! The first manifestation of heart problems is often cerebral infarction, and regular checkups can prevent this!

At Centro Medico Alfaz you will find your specialist in cardiovascular diseases, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment!