Skin cancer specialist

Doctor Ruud Valks your dermatologist on the Costa Blanca. In dermatology, I strive to provide excellent care for my patients and can do so in your own language so that we can find the best solution for your skin.

Look around an average beach in Spain at noon in the summer. Who do you see sitting there eating their sandwich while the sun is at its strongest? Not the Spaniards, who sought a spot in the shade or even inside. It is often the Dutch who then continue to expose themselves to the most powerful UV rays of the day.

And why? To look good? Sun tanned skin is DNA damaged skin that wrinkles and ages faster caused by excessive UV radiation. Dr. Ruud Valks is your skin cancer specialist.

Prevention of skin cancer

It is advisable to examine yourself periodically and get to know your own skin as if it were a map. Preventive research can prevent a lot of trouble. When in doubt, always consult your dermatologist.

In our clinic we have a lot of experience in recognizing skin cancer and we use dermatoscopy, a technique that allows us to see structures and patterns in the birthmarks with great precision that helps us to distinguish good from not good and it gives important clues in recognizing skin cancer.




Diagnosis of skin cancer, screening of birthmarks and skin cancer with dermatoscopy. Medical treatment of precancerous lesions, a condition of cells tending toward a cancer, actinic keratoses and photodynamic therapy. Surgery of skin cancer with cosmetic reconstruction and MOHS surgery and of course general dermatology such as disorders of the skin, hair and nails, from acne to venereology

Doctor Ruud Valks


I knew early on that I wanted to be a doctor. What got me excited about dermatology is the visual aspect. The trick is that often with the naked eye alone, you can make a diagnosis without a lot of complicated examinations. Dermatology is very versatile with both medical and surgical aspects and patients of all ages come to my office.

Everyone has one or more skin conditions in their lifetime. The skin is often referred to as the mirror of the soul. The things we see on the skin can be reflections of what is going on in the body or soul. And conversely, it is our envelope that protects us from the outside world including the sun which, of course, is so important here in Spain.

Skin diseases have a great impact on a person’s life. This applies to patients with malignant melanoma, as well as those with skin conditions that are very visible such as eczema, psoriasis or acne.

During my university years, I had the opportunity to do research on skin diseases and to be able to publish about them. Being able to better understand, diagnose or treat skin diseases continues to fascinate me. Striving for excellence in dermatology in which I want to apply my knowledge and skills as optimally as possible on a daily basis and, therefore, constantly improve by attending conferences, attending courses and keeping up with professional literature, but also what I learn daily in practice while working with my patients.

Attention to patients is therefore fundamental to good care. It is important to me that a patient feels confident or at home, that the patient understands what her or his skin condition is and what can be done about it.

Therefore, I can offer you the best solution for your skin as if it were my own.

Dr. Ruud Valks