Dr. Birgitta


Hello! I am Birgitta

General practitioner and physical therapist

For me, the name family doctor is what I associate with the old-fashioned image of the family doctor cycling to his patients with the doctor’s case for a house call. It was pretty clear to me that I should be able to use the name now in Albir, since I really work with a general practitioner (Dr. Henk Koenders) at the Centro Medico Alfaz.

I am 44 years old, married, have 4 children aged 7-11. We have now settled in Albir and are very happy here. I first studied physiotherapy in the Netherlands (Hogechool Enschede) and medicine in Norway (University of Oslo) in addition I also have music education (jazz singing at the conservatory in Enschede).

My approach and what drives me

I enjoy working with people and can combine both courses. At the clinic
we also have many knowledgeable Dutch specialists (radiologist, cardiologist,
dermatologist, plastic surgeon, gynecologist, ozone therapist, and 2 family physicians, a nurse practitioner and health assistants. We also often have medical students from the Netherlands in training.


My Experience

  • GP
  • Physical therapy specialization pressure wave therapy

My Training

  • Physical therapy, Enschede University of Applied Sciences
  • Medicine, University of Oslo
  • Jazz vocals Conservatory Enschede

Would you like a consultation with me for a doctor’s appointment or
physical therapy then you are welcome to come to me.