Practical information

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New patients


On your first visit to our clinic you will be asked to complete a more detailed form. This information will then be added to your medical file by your Doctor , which will include current illnesses , medication you are taking and your past medical history. It is vital to have this information to be able to come to a diagnosis.


In the medical center we work with appointments. You can call to make an appointment between 8.30 and 10.00h, phone number 966 860 704.
Dr. Koenders works every morning. 

If you don´t show up to an appointment and didn´t cancel within 24 hours, we will make a note. If this happens another time we will charge a fee. Keep in mind that you can´t declare this to the insurance.

Hours Medical Centre: 

  8:30h to 14h.


In the Medical section you can check the office hours of each doctor.

House Visit

The doctor could visit you at home if you can´t make it to the medical center.

24h and weekends

Through the emergency telephone +34 634 210 754, use this for medical emergencies.

If you want to call us for an emergency, you can reach us on +34 634 210 754. Please only use this for medical issues. For all the other problems and making appointments you can call the number of the medical center on workdays between 8.30h and 10.00h.

In case of medical emergency you can call us, we will send an ambulance straight to you. As general practitioners we may be out on call and we have to abide by the speed limit, therefore an ambulance call out maybe the best option

Sometimes the telephone has no connection, especially when the weather is bad. You could try it again after 5 minutes.

The general pracitioners in Benidorm don´t work with the ASSSA. If you are insured with them you can always call, but if a doctor from Benidorm is on duty, you can decide to let the doctor visit you, but you will have to pay them yourself. Another option is to go to first aid in a hospital, the ASSSA will insure that.


To request prescriptions, please send us an email ( We will send you a message when the prescription is ready. You can pick up the prescription between 12:00 and 14:00.